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Source of passion: The first “passion  ” appears in the northern provinces in the early ‘90s and about seven to eight this year to the Mekong Delta. Because in Vietnam have Passiflora Foetida, a kind of wild plants can treat insomnia, so round fruit vines, large double ping-pong fruit, phloem is green, pale yellow when…

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Frozen passion fruit with seed

Frozen passion fruit with seed

Passion fruit is a fruit drink is often more preferred. Besides, is not only a delicious drink, but water also brings passion for health benefits. However, excessive use of lemon also cause bad effects to their health. So the effect of passion fruit and harm to human health is what? Passion fruit vines in the…

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Frozen passion fruit without seed

Frozen seedless lemon is a typical product of the company. Mark on the needs of consumers, often lemon seeds discarded when used for food processing. As demonstrated in a number of the scientists on the passion fruit seeds have proven that lemon seeds almost do not contain nutrients and makes the user feel uncomfortable when…